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Kode Kochi Kode is a 24 hours non-stop Inter-College Hackathon, conducted in association with Abhiyanthriki 2k19, the biennial techfest of Rajagiri School Of Engineering and Technology, Kochi, Kerala



1st prize: 50k, 2nd prize: 30k, 3rd prize: 20k & more!!






What We Offer

For Participants

  Build your protoype 

Over a course of 24 hours, build your product, finetune it and then pitch it to a panel of judges from various backgrounds

  Get hired 

Top companies are coming to hire! Come into the hackathon and walk away with a job under your belt

  Get guidance from Mentors 

Get a chance to talk and discuss about your prototype with experienced professionals from various backgrounds

  Merchandise and Swags 

Select your souvenier from a variety of specially crafted merchandise.

  Network with other participants 

Meet and make acquiantance with other student developers who all excel in various fields! Perhaps even get a teammate for your next product

  Food and Drinks 

Feed your brain and sate your appetite.

For Partners

  Brand awareness 

Get your chance to promote your brand amongst more than 3000 students and 150 colleges! Think its just limited to colleges? It isn't, because we have upcoming press releases and advertisements across Kochi

  Get the top developers from across Kerala 

The best participants are coming! If you are looking to hire the cream of the crop, this is the place to be!

  Provide mentoring opportunities 

Get a chance to mentor, guide and interact with student developers at any time over the 24 hours duration of the hackathon

  Product demonstration 

Demonstrate and show off your product to the participants!

About the event

The hackathon will have multiple tracks with specific themes, participating teams are supposed to come up with innovative solutions and make a working prototype of the same.









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Partnering Assosciations

Event Schedule

15 Mar, 2019

08 : 00 AM - 1 : 00 PM

Registration & Morning Session

Participants can start hacking away on their products

1 : 00 PM - 5 : 00 PM

Lunch & Noon Session

Things will start getting pretty heated up now! Grab that lunch and code, right after you finish

5 : 00 PM - 9 : 00 PM

Tea & Evening Session

Refresh yourself after having some tea and continue to code away while having a bit of that evening breeze for yourself!

9 : 00 PM - 7 : 30 AM

Dinner & Night Session

Participants can code away all night after having their dinner. Snacks, energy drinks and refreshments will be provided throughout the night.

16 Mar, 2018

8 : 30 AM - 12 : 00 PM

Breakfast & Final Touches

Participants can have their breakfast and finalize their products for presentation. This is the last session of coding

12 : 30 PM

Lunch & Evaluation

Participants can have their lunch and pitch their product before a panel of judges. Make that pitch amazing because it all depends on this!


Submit your idea and the organisers will contact you with further details

The following details are required for registration: Team Name, Profile of all team members(Name, Email, College Name, Phone Number), Theme chosen, Abstract, Details of previous hackathon attendance and accolades received

Themes, Schedule & Rules


Teams will be shortlisted after which a registration fee of Rs. 1000(per team) is to be paid online

Contact Info


+91-9447947518 (Prejith)

+91-9447718219 (Franklin)

+91-8289940688 (Joseph)

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